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For over a decade I have served individual clients and global organisations as:

  • Professional Speaker, Emcee, Host

  • Corporate Trainer

  • Career Coach


I've advised start-ups and large multinationals as a communications and brand strategy expert.


I've helped raise millions of dollars for charities by giving them that extra lift in their storytelling. 

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I've spent over 23 years obsessively studying world class communicators, athletes and entrepreneurs to identify the habits, patterns, and principles that make them great.


Perhaps you'd like to become a more charismatic and confident public speaker? Whether it's preparing you for a speech or on-going executive coaching, I can take your performance to the next level.


My coaching sessions are about upgrading your mental operating system, identifying your unique strengths, internalising patterns for better decision-making, and teaching you the underlying principles of persuasion, charisma, and influence.


Regardless of why you came, you'll leave each session more motivated and better equipped to take on whatever challenges you're facing in your career. 


If you'd like to learn more about what drives me then listen to Episode #32 of the podcast: Spotify / Castbox / Apple 


Or watch my guest appearance on Kickoff Sessions: 'Talent is Practice in Disguise' on YouTube 


You can also get inspired by any one of the world-class guests that I've had on Playing The Inner Game.


Here's some free video tips and book recommendations to get you started.


If you're ready to leave old habits behind and start living up to your potential, there's no better time than today.

Current roles
Past experience
  • Professional Footballer 

  • Investment Manager / Corporate Finance

  • Sales Manager and Sales Trainer

  • Headhunter

  • Actor & Model

  • MSc, University of Edinburgh Business School

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