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"Improving your ability to connect with an audience, is an investment that will pay dividends over an entire lifetime"

Warren Buffett, considered the greatest investor of our times, says that public speaking training is the best investment he ever made. He freely admits that he was not born a great storyteller or 'natural' communicator.


Layering public speaking abilities on top of your existing skill-set gives you an incredible competitive advantage. Great communicators are more likely to:

  • Earn more money over the course of their careers

  • Be successful in interview situations

  • Get promoted to senior leadership positions

  • Enjoy deeper and more meaningful relationships with others

  • Feel more self-confident and less anxious in social situations

  • Be viewed by others as more intelligent, likeable, and capable 

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Over the last ten years I've taken to the stage for numerous organisations as a Keynote Speaker and an MC. As a facilitator, I take great pride in setting the tone and creating the right atmosphere, which makes for a better event and a happier audience. 


I've also acted as a consultant advising start-ups and large corporates on their communication and brand strategy, and helped raise millions of dollars for charities by giving them that extra lift in their level of storytelling. 

I have been fortunate enough to wear many hats in my career thus far across North America, Europe, and Asia, which allows me to draw on a wide variety of cultures, industries, and experiences. Whether it was my time spent in the worlds of finance, professional sport, film and television, or building startups, I have always been attracted to high-stakes, consequential environments that require performing under pressure.


As a trainer and soft skills coach, my sessions are not about creating some false persona for you. It's about strengthening your mindset, internalising patterns for greater productivity and creativity, as well as teaching you the underlying principles of persuasion, charisma, and influence, so that you can articulate yourself better and speak confidently on any stage. It will still be you afterwards; just the best possible version of you.

I believe that great communicators are not born, they are made. As someone who was incredibly shy well into my teenage years, I can assure you that it's possible to actually enjoy speaking to crowds of 500+ (it doesn't get easier, you just get better).

Please take the time to explore my services, listen to my 'Apple Top Shows' podcast and check out some of my free resources.

Current roles
Past experience
  • Professional Footballer 

  • Corporate Finance and Investment Manager 

  • Sales Manager and Sales Trainer

  • Legal Recruiter

  • Actor & Model

  • Masters in Business Management, The University of Edinburgh Business School