I've always found longform audio intimate and absorbing, in a way that other formats can't replicate.


The best conversations and interviews always felt more revealing. More honest. It felt like you were in the room.

My guests are entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, and executives. Some famous names and some hidden gems. All have achieved a level of mastery in their field, are gifted communicators, and appreciate the tough introspection required to master their 'inner game'.


We discuss what success means to each one of them, and try to decode the best parts of their mindset.


It is a search for the common threads, principles, and patterns that listeners can apply to their own lives to make themselves healthier, wealthier, happier, and wiser.

*In September 2020, it was ranked the #1 Self-Help show and #1 Business show in Hong Kong on Apple Podcasts / iTunes 

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on Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Using Imposter Syndrome as Fuel

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