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speaker coaching

Presentation Skills
  • Big speech?

  • Presentation at work?

  • Media appearance?


Whilst each situation is slightly different, my sole purpose is to ensure that you are undeniably worth listening to. To help you communicate in a way that makes people sit up and take notice.


What value do I bring? Two decades of in-depth research, countless interviews with CEO's and celebrities, plus my own extensive experience of presenting to large audiences on stage, on camera, and in the boardroom.


All great speeches (and speakers) share some underlying habits and patterns. Patterns that can be taught.


Even the greatest ideas in the world won't gain traction if they're not presented properly. I'll share everything I've learned to make you more polished, persuasive, and confident when delivering your message.


If you think you would benefit from my expertise then email me right now to book a session.

Still unsure? See what others are saying, or check out resources for free video tips on the art of communication and charisma.


job interviews

Job Interview
  • Applying for a new job?

  • Worried about the state of your CV or Cover Letter?

  • Unsure how to present yourself in the best possible light?

A seasoned interviewer and former recruiter, I also understand both sides of the hiring process incredibly well and can help demystify what employers are looking for. I've successfully helped job-seekers:


  • Polish their Resumé / CV / Cover Letter

  • Prepare for interview questions

  • Negotiate a higher salary

  • Land roles overseas

Helping people realise their potential is what gets me excited. Email me right now to book a session and maximise your chances of landing that dream job.

See what others are saying, or check out my resources for some free tips and advice

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Career Coaching


I will be your secret weapon, providing you with that objective feedback that your family, friends, and colleagues can't give you.


You'll learn the mental models and principles that I have absorbed from obsessively studying world-class performers, plus my years spent in the trenches as an investment banker, elite footballer, speaker, and entrepreneur.


Our private 1:1 coaching sessions will train you to clarify your thinking, improve your decision-making, enhance your emotional intelligence, boost your confidence levels, strengthen your mindset, and transform your public speaking abilities. 

Less experienced clients will benefit from someone to act as a mentor. Experienced entrepreneurs and executives will benefit from having a quality sparring partner. A sounding board for their ideas and the various challenges they're facing. There is no 'one-size-fits-all' program. 


Given my current commitments, this premium service is open to a very select number of clients. If I sense from your initial email that there is a good fit, then a short, free 'discovery call' is the next step. This gives me (and most importantly you) a chance to decide if we really 'click' before engaging. 


Wondering if we'll get along? Watch me speak here for 3 minutes on the 3 pillars that are fundamental to success, wealth, and happiness.


If the video resonates and you're serious about levelling up, then I'm excited to hear from you. 

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Keynote Speaker


Looking for a motivational speaker or host for your next event? I have spoken on topics including, but not limited to:

- The Art of Communication & Storytelling

- Maximising Your Personal Alpha

- Talent is Practice In Disguise

- The Future of Work

A polished host and interviewer, I have shared the stage with numerous celebrities and sporting superstars including:

- Steven Gerrard (Liverpool & England Captain, Aston Villa Manager)

- Siobhan Haughey (World Record Holder & 2x Olympic Silver Medalist, Tokyo 2020)

- Sir Chris Hoy MBE (6x Olympic Gold Medallist)

- Andy Barrow (3x European Champion, 3x Paralympian)

- Dr. Craig Challen OAM (Thai Cave Rescue Diver 2018)

- Daley Thompson (Olympic Gold Medallist, Decathlon World Record)

- Claudio Ranieri (Premier League Winning Manager, Leicester City)

- Peter Schmeichel (Manchester United)

- Joe Jordan (AC Milan, Manchester United, Scotland)

- Terry Butcher (England Football Captain)

- Doddie Weir (Scotland Rugby Captain)

- John Barclay (Scotland Rugby Captain)

- Jason Leonard OBE (England Rugby Captain)

- Steven Bradbury (Olympic Gold Medallist, Speed Skating)

- Jean Claude Biver (President, Tag Heuer, LVMH watches) 

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