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How Do I Know What To Post on LinkedIn?

If you’re struggling with what to write on LinkedIn then this realisation might help you craft your next post:

“There are no new messages. Only new messengers.” 

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that you must say something stunningly new or original every single time. Let your delivery be the thing that makes it yours.

We all have a unique journey and picture of how the world works. Your upbringing. Your values. Your struggles. Your victories. They are yours and valuable because of it.

Something in your story will resonate with an audience and often you can’t predict exactly what that thing will be.

Sometimes it’s just the conviction and the emotion in your delivery that finally allows an age old truth to be heard by others. 

If nothing else, share your thoughts online as a filter. A filter, for attracting the kind of people and clients that you’d like to do business with.

Over time your tribe will find you, and those are the types of connections that you want anyway. 

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