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What Job Should I Do? Is "Follow Your Passion" Actually Good Advice?

Updated: Feb 12

Here's a few reasons why “follow your passion” isn’t always great career advice:

  1. You don’t feel like you have a burning passion for anything and so you beat yourself up (unhelpful). 

  2. Just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t mean you’re good at it (I am passionate about snowboarding but wouldn’t try to make a living doing it).

  3. It ignores the fact that making your passion your profession…can kill the purity and enjoyment you derive from it (Just because you CAN monetise something doesn’t mean you SHOULD).

Here's a better way to answer the difficult question of "What job should I do?"

Follow your curiosity instead.

With curiosity comes learning…

Skill acquisition brings greater self-esteem and fulfilment…

Your newfound competence means you can start to commercialise your skills…

Which is when you become passionate about reaching ever higher levels of the game.

Summary: If you’re genuinely curious you’re a force to be reckoned withBecause so few will be able to match your level of intensity, you will power past the ambivalent many. 

Listen to your curiosity and follow that rabbit hole wherever it may lead.

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