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Why Is Personal Branding Important?

Posting on LinkedIn and other social media platforms can make you feel naked, vulnerable, and open to criticism. But it’s important to do it. Why?

Because it allows people on your wavelength to find you. 

Opportunities don’t visit caves.

You have to put yourself out there a little bit.

"Personal branding" sounds a bit cringeworthy to many (which I completely understand).

My preferred frame is “thinking in public”

- These are my values 

- This is what I’ve learned 

- Here’s how I approach things 

- I hope something makes you 1% better 

That’s kind of it. So don’t overthink it.

Posting consistently creates a pipeline of future clients and colleagues - even if it doesn't always feel that way. Posts with just a few likes can and do generate inbound leads.

Because they’ve been following your work for some time, these people will feel like they know you before they’ve even met you - and they will be excited to work with YOU 

Only ~1% of users consistently create content on LinkedIn. The other 99% consume it.

Just getting in the ring automatically puts you in the 1%. 

Finally, don’t lose sight of the real reason you should be building a personal brand. The point is not to become internet famous. The point is to help more people.

Your personal branding efforts should always be in service of that goal. Helping people AT SCALE. Doing what you love doing and are uniquely good at.

Keep putting yourself out there.

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