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Why Your LinkedIn Post Won't Go Viral (This Might Be A Good Thing)

What goes viral, is rarely cerebral.

What is cerebral, rarely goes viral.

Nature of the beast. Don’t fight it. 

That cute pic or sob story might get you lots of likes. But what will you do with those counterfeit crowns? It’s not a currency that gets you clients.

Attention is a form of currency, sure. But high value clients aren’t looking for cheap tricks. They are looking for insights.

Insights that they can’t find elsewhere. 

Chasing virality will get you eyeballs in the short run, but it's consistently adding valuable insights that will garner you trust in the long run. 

So, if you're wondering why your LinkedIn post won't go viral, don't lose hope. The real business happens in the DMs.

Make sure you are optimising for the right things and the right audience for your ideas.

As Naval Ravikant says: "Play stupid games - win stupid prizes."

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